Spring has arrived and racers from all over are gearing up for what is quickly becoming the premiere mile racing event on the West Coast, the Mojave Mile Shootout.

The April 10, 2011 event organizers are hosting a a one day shoot, with flat-out speed from dawn to dusk.

The Mojave Mile Shootout is held in, well you guessed it, in the Mojave desert in southern California at the Mojave Spaceport on a runway adjacent to a squadron of F-4 Phantoms. From what we’ve been told by event organizer Mike Borders, a spectator area including bleachers might be setup close to the runway in front of the parked Phantoms which would provide spectators a much better view of the racing action as compared to previous events.

The Mojave Mile Shootout has to be one of the best venues from a participant standpoint. There is a ton of room in the paddock for race vehicle parking and preparation. Driver safety is priority one at this event. Technical inspections are more stringent than most standing mile events. The staging area can accommodate as many as eight cars side by side. The tarmac has plenty of shutdown area after the mile marker and a parachute is practically unnecessary for even the fastest of race vehicles.

A link to the preliminary participant list will be added here shortly as soon as we can gather the information from the event organizers.

By the way, it’s not too late to participate as several competitors are burning the midnight oil in hopes of making it in time for the event. From what we’ve been told, participants can register in person just prior to the race for an additional $25.00 on top of the entry fees.

See you this Sunday and don’t forget to bring out the blue painter’s tape!

For more information on Sunday’s event, please see below for details.

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